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He’s got a hard life.  #PitBull #sleepinganimals #cuteanimals #Dog #HouseSitting

He’s got a hard life. #PitBull #sleepinganimals #cuteanimals #Dog #HouseSitting

obama-stolemy-vcr said: What book is that you're reading in your recent photo

It’s called The Art of Adapting by Cassandra Dunn.  I picked it up at the library last Friday…it’s pretty good so far. 

agent032 said: Do you have a lot of free time now?

That would be a bit fat no. lol

I moved on August 15th…and I lost my job on August 1st…I honestly packed up my entire life in 2 weeks, moved in with my girl about an hour away from where I was…and then had to unpack all my shit. 

The only thing left in boxes are books…but we need to buy shelving for that stuff and the boxes themselves are tucked away in a closet so at least our whole condo is livable. 

On top of all that…I’ve also been writing like a fiend and trying to get myself back into the swing of things as far as content for AlphaHarlot goes.  

I figure that, by the end of September I’ll be settled into life…and by the time that Halloween comes around I’ll be working on my book.  

I’d really like to do NaNoWriMo this year…and I’ve definitely got the chops for it…it’s just a matter of brainstorming. 

I like a good challenge. 

silencesurprise said: You have some sexy feet!

Thanks very much :) My toes are blue and white at the moment.  I think it’s my favorite pedicure that I’ve given myself in awhile. 

oralcharmer said: You house sitting sgsin?

Different house than usual, but yes.  

I’m at my sister’s place this week watching her dog while she’s away on vacation. Here’s a link to the blog I wrote earlier about some fun I had :)  Cold Water Skinny Dipping

Pool time! #skinnydipping #TitsOut

Pool time! #skinnydipping #TitsOut

Pork chops braised in apples, cranberries and onion, over wild rice #FoodPorn #ComfortFood #fallfood

Pork chops braised in apples, cranberries and onion, over wild rice #FoodPorn #ComfortFood #fallfood

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